• That is how we imagine the perfect table.
  • But we have to overcome doubts and make choice…
  • Mobile applications are coming to help us.
  • And we get new forms!
  • And we get new opportunities!

Your restaurant's own App

Your customers will most likely order from you again if they have your restaurant's app on their smart-phone.

Quick and easy advertisements

Your customers get a new offer once you have added it into the menu.

Mobile reservation and ordering

The app allows your customers to book a table and make an order in few clicks.


The app will allow you to listen to your customers and tell them more about what you offer.

What is Dine With Me?

Dine With Me

is a dedicated mobile application for your restaurant;

is a tool to promote your business.

Dine With Me

works on iPhone, iPad and Android phones/tablets;

informs about offers and discounts to your customers;

makes ordering and reservations;

contains daily and main menu;

includes contact info, working hours and location of your restaurant;

makes your restaurant modern.

How it works? 

People have fallen in love with the touch screen. They enjoy having one touch access to their address book, calendar, or facebook page. They spend a lot of time with their phones.

They will download your restaurant's app. And they will love it. 

Because the app gives more information about the restaurant. It gives access to the details of the menu. It contains colourful pictures. It allows to make ordering and reservations.

Of course the app should be simple and convinient for the user. It should give more advantages.